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EBA - European Banking Authority news:

EBA updates list of public sector entities for the calculation of capital requirements

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today an updated list of public sector entities (PSEs) that may be treated as regional governments, local authorities or central governments for the calculation of capital requirements, in accordance with the EU Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR).

Objavljeno ob: 18 October 2017 | 12:50 pm

EBA publishes final Guidelines on procedures for complaints of alleged infringements of PSD2

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today its final Guidelines on complaints procedures to be followed by competent authorities (CAs) to ensure and monitor effective compliance by payment service providers (PSPs) with the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). These Guidelines are part of the EBA’s work to support the core objectives of PSD2 of strengthening the integrated payments market across the European Union, ensuring a consistent, efficient and effective application of the legislative framework and promoting transparency.

Objavljeno ob: 13 October 2017 | 1:49 pm

EBA provides guidance to authorities and institutions on Brexit relocations

The EBA published today an Opinion on Brexit to ensure the consistent application of Union legislation to businesses seeking to establish or enhance their EU27 presence in order to retain access to the EU Single Market. The Opinion aims at providing greater certainty to firms and ultimately at ensuring a level playing field. In the Opinion, the EBA addresses a number of relevant policy topics relating to authorisations, the prudential regulation and supervision of investment firms, internal models, outsourcing, internal governance, risk transfers via back-to-back and intragroup operations, and resolution and deposit guarantee scheme issues. The EBA will monitor how the Opinion will be applied in practice by authorities and will continue its policy and risk analysis work in relation to the challenges posed by Brexit.

Objavljeno ob: 12 October 2017 | 2:57 pm

EBA corrects portfolio identifiers for 2018 benchmarking exercise to ensure effective data validation

The European Banking Authority (EBA) rectified today Annex 1 of its Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on benchmarking of internal approaches, which had been amended on 4 May 2017 to define the benchmarking portfolios for the 2018 benchmarking exercise.

Objavljeno ob: 12 October 2017 | 1:57 pm

EBA consults on reporting for resolution plans

The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched today a consultation to amend the Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on the information which institutions must provide to resolution authorities for the purpose of drawing up and implementing resolution plans. This review aims to update the framework taking into account the latest experience available in the areas of resolution planning and supervisory reporting. The consultation runs until 11 December 2017.

Objavljeno ob: 11 October 2017 | 12:12 pm

EBA updated Risk Dashboard shows slight improvement of EU banks capital level but NPLs still affect their profitability

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today a periodical update of its Risk Dashboard summarising the main risks and vulnerabilities in the EU banking sector through a set of Risk Indicators in Q2 2017. The progress is positive, but risks remain heightened on asset quality and sustainable profitability.

Objavljeno ob: 5 October 2017 | 10:54 am

EBA publishes work programme for 2018

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today its detailed annual work programme for 2018, describing the specific activities and tasks of the Authority for the coming year, as well as a multiannual work programme, highlighting the key strategic areas of work from 2018 to 2021.

Objavljeno ob: 5 October 2017 | 10:46 am

EBA issues Opinion on the design of a new prudential framework for investment firms

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today its Opinion on the design and calibration of a new prudential framework for investment firms, which is specifically tailored to the needs of investment firms' different business models and inherent risks. The Opinion includes a series of recommendations aiming to develop a single and harmonised set of requirements that are reasonably simple, proportionate and relevant to the nature of investment firms authorised to provide MiFID services and activities.

Objavljeno ob: 29 September 2017 | 10:57 am

EBA and US Agencies conclude Framework Cooperation Arrangement on Bank Resolution

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has signed a Framework Cooperation Arrangement with several US financial regulatory Agencies. The Framework Cooperation Arrangement lays out the basis for subsequent cooperation arrangements on bank crisis management and resolution between any of the EU Supervisory or Resolution Authorities and any of the participating US Agencies. This Framework Cooperation Arrangement has the objective to promote resolution planning and cooperation for cross-border institutions.

Objavljeno ob: 29 September 2017 | 10:32 am

EBA and ESMA provide guidance to assess the suitability of management body members and key function holders

The European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) have published their joint Guidelines to assess the suitability of members of management bodies and key function holders. These Guidelines aim to harmonise and improve suitability assessments within EU financial sectors, and to ensure sound governance arrangements in financial institutions in line with the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) and the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). The Guidelines highlight the importance for institutions to consider whether candidates have the knowledge, qualification and skills necessary to safeguard proper and prudent management of the institution. The Guidelines also foster more diverse management bodies and, therefore, contribute to improved risk oversight and resilience of institutions.

Objavljeno ob: 26 September 2017 | 2:59 pm

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